Genealogy: Danish emigrants to the United States

As part of my genealogy reseach I'm looking for descendants or persons who have information about the following relatives. All persons are children of my Danish ancestors and emigrated to the United States.

Please contact me at

Kristen Jensen Dahlgaard

Else Kirstine Didriksen

(Else Kirstine Jensen, Elsie K. Jensen, Elsa K. Jensen)

Anders Kirkegaard Nielsen

Thomasine Nielsen

Otto Borgaard Kristiansen

(Otto Borregaard Christiansen)

Jacob Jacobsen

Poul Nørgaard Poulsen

(Poul Norgaard Poulsen)

Lars Lykke Poulsen

(Laurs Lykke Poulsen)

Christian Christensen

Hans Christian Peter Christensen